How do I pay for images online?

Once you have entered the password to access your portfolio, click on any image to enlarge it, you will then see a 'BUY NOW' button above and below the image, click that and a price list will appear underneath, choose your required product sizes, types and quantities, then please follow the online instructions. If you're still stuck, please call us and we will be happy to patiently walk you through the process making it simple.(01604) 455 974.

If I purchase the CD, will the images have the watermark 'Family First' written across them?

There is no watermark on any images purchased and the CD is stamped with 'these images have no copyright' to ensure you have no issues getting them printed. It is also stamped with our contact details should any concerns arise.

How far are you willing to travel?

There isn't a limit to how far we will travel, anything is possible.

My Images are in colour, can I have them in black and white or sepia?

We are able to manipulate your images from colour to black and white or sepia, we can also keep parts of your images in colour while the rest of the images is black and white or vice versa. At your request we can remove blemishes, spots, open closed eyes, remove scars, stray hairs and other similar issues that you may have.

My child is 'different' how will they react to the camera?

Every child is different, some are quiet and shy, others are loud and confident, some have other needs, I quickly see how your child reacts to me and I respond accordingly, with over 20 years experience working with children, there isn't much I haven't seen. I make each and every child feel comfortable and relaxed, once they are comfortable with me, I can make them laugh and capture your child being them.

How much does my shoot cost?

Every family has different needs and desires; tell us what you want and how you want it and we will give you a quote. If you have a budget and want to know how far that will go, please feel free to ask about your options. Anything is possible!

Can we bring props to the shoot?

Please do! If your shoot isn't at your home, please bring anything you like, from hats to scarves, glasses, feather boas or favourite toys, anything you bring will only add to the experience and make your shoot even more personalised.

If you cannot find your question answered here please use the 'Contact Us' page, call 01604 455 974 or 07930 248 193 or email